Amazon.com: Trap the Devil: Dewey Andreas, Book 7 (Audible.

Trap the Devil is the latest installment of author Ben Coes' Dewey Andreas series. For anyone who is a fan of previous books in this series, you will not be disappointed.

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A Dewey Andreas Novel To Trap the Devil by Ben Coes 2017 Hardcover

  • Amazon.com: Trap the Devil (A Dewey Andreas Novel. 'Read Trap the Devil and see why readers who are in the know consider Ben Coes the contemporary master of thriller authors.' ―Bookreporter 'An intriguing.
  • Ben Coes - Book Series In Order About Ben Coes: Dewey Andreas, ex-marine and ranger, is faced with almost every possible national attack on the United States. Maybe that is why he is attracting.
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