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The Walking Dead is an ongoing black-and-white comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. It focuses on Rick Grimes, a Kentucky deputy.

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The Walking Dead We Find Ourselves

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  • The Walking Dead (Comic Series) | Walking Dead Wiki. The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white American comic that started in 2003, and was created and written by Robert Kirkman with artist Tony Moore.
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  • The Walking Dead (Comic) – Wikipedia The Walking Dead (anhören? / i) ist eine monatlich erscheinende Comicserie, die in den USA seit Oktober 2003 von Image Comics publiziert wird. Die Idee zu den Comics.
  • The Walking Dead (fumetto) - Wikipedia The Walking Dead è una serie a fumetti survival horror statunitense a cadenza mensile pubblicata dalla Image Comics a partire dall'ottobre 2003, creata da Robert.
  • The Walking Dead (comic) — Wikipédia Walking Dead est une série de comic books américains en noir et blanc, scénarisée par Robert Kirkman et dessinée par Tony Moore puis Charlie Adlard, publiée par.
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